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Sunflurry- Greatest (could be) Hits

"Our first album from Akron, Ohio. "

Late one afternoon...


While on our constitutional around Coliseum Square Park in the beautiful yet sweltering Lower Garden District of New Orleans, there was a short and surprising discussion about moving to 

the great state of Ohio. 


And so we did.


After our arrival, just days before Christmas 2020, and once Ruby’s snow shoveling addiction had fully taken root, the spring months brought the exciting exploration of Highland Square, the Merriman Valley and parts beyond.


We first happened upon Getaway Pub - a groovy bar 5 minutes away from our new home - where Denny (the owner) booked us a spot on a Wednesday in July during Happy Hour: our first “local” show in Akron. Denny offered up more ideas for places to play, and even connected us with several venue owners.


One  warm, friendly, helpful, kind, wonderful, happy, supportive person after another gave us ideas or put in a word for us and before we knew it, 2021 had come and gone. In five short months we’d played over 16 shows; PorchRokr, Jenks, Jilly’s…and were interviewed by WKSU. This was precisely the musical adventure we’d hoped for! 


We were deeply moved by the kindnesses of our new Ohio friends, and it’s been that way up here ever since. As a thank you, we remastered some old favorites of ours and issued them on this album, along with a book with some of our musical history.

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Photo cr. Joel Foose

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