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“The album reflects my love of Satie, Debussy and Faure, and following in Zappa’s footsteps, uses all sampled sounds.”

The debut album of this New Orleans composer. Classical?

Yes! But passionate, introspective, melodic and, at times, experimental. A wide range of instrumentation and themes yields beautiful, immediate and sometimes haunting songs. Suki is a classically trained cellist who long ago “left the dots” behind. The album used “then” state of the art Kurzweil equipment- K2500 keyboard and K2500  rack, both memory and voice enhanced with digitally sampled orchestral sounds- played by the Old Brain Orchestra (i.e. MIDI). These diverse pieces, ranging from solo piano to full orchestra, were Inspired by such composers as Ravel and Frank Zappa.


Among our favorites : "Garden Snake" is a lonely, sweet soliloquy to our green friends quietly slithering through the bramble. "The Gymnopedies" are a tribute to Eric Satie’s simple yet unexpected style of chord voicing.  "Hiding Place" reflects that place we all sometimes wish to go. The longest piece “Glassing Sea” is a rumination for orchestra and piano on the sheer extent of the ocean’s surface, as seen from a nuclear submarine transiting to its dive point. Enjoy.

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"Pure Brain Candy"

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