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A Handful of Sand

“The album reflects the music of my youth- in a word, progressive. These included Yes, Zappa, ELP, Gentle Giant, and RTF, among others. 

Sand's 1st album. Progressive.

Sand is basically Suki's brain expressed thru computers. The album used “then” state of the art Kurzweil equipment- K2500 keyboard and K2500  rack, both memory and voice enhanced with digitally sampled drums, keys, guitars, as well as classic "synth" sounds and weirdness. Played by the Old Brain Orchestra (i.e. Cakewalk software using MIDI to control the Kurzweils, mixed thru a Yamaha 01 and recorded to DAT). The album was mastered by Steve Turnidge of ARSDIVINA. 

Sand has "designed a record for the real fans of exploratory & adventurous [prog] music – I know the ears on my face appreciate it, and I’m sure there’s a bunch of you out there that’ll hear what I’m hearing. True imagination and creativity always have an allure to it – this record, has all that in spades." Sleepingbag Studios.


Suki is a classically trained cellist who long ago “left the dots” behind.

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"Pure Brain Candy"

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