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What is the Sunflurry Tribe?

The Sunflurry Tribe is grassroots team, usually comprised of a group of an artist's fans, who volunteer to promote a band. The Tribe is dedicated to supporting the artist and their career and wants to see them succeed.

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Join The Tribe!

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How to Help

How do bands work their way toward playing those prestigious stages? We'll create a "buzz" by building our show attendance and online presence. Then, when we apply to perform at places like Blossom, and the talent buyer recognizes our name - we're in! Our goal is to connect with more people like you who enjoy getting together for the Sunflurry Music Experience!

Invite Friends to the Shows

Invite your friends and ask your friends to bring their friends. Let's build our Sunflurry fanbase!

Get Pics and Videos

We need proof that people come to see us. Pics and videos of an audience having a good time at our shows helps other venue owners see that we're a good bet to play their stage.

Get the Word Out

Download our Color Poster or B&W Poster

(or come up with your own creation!)

 Add the venue name, date and start time

 Hang it up at your favorite coffee shop.


Share our events on facebook or other platforms.

Recommend us to your favorite venue.

Share our Online Content

Copy & Share our links on social media or by email

YouTube Playlist:

Help Sell Merch at the Shows

Our merch table is self-serve, but some folks are uncomfortable helping themselves. Lend them a hand if you can. When people wear our t-shirts they remember us and help others to see our name.

Encourage Audience Particiption

Help us create a listening environment so everyone can enjoy the show. Feel free to hoot and holler after your favorite song! Be the enthusiasm instigator and encourage clapping or singing along - let's get people engaged and having a great time!

Got some great ideas to help promote the band?
Leave your comments below!

Tribe Rewards

Team ID Badge

Identify yourself as a Sunflurry Tribal Member by wearing your free All Access/Staff badge at our shows. 

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Exclusive Previews

Be the first to see new merch designs, hear new music, new videos.

Get on the Guest List

(Subject to availability) Get free access to our ticketed events. We'll leave tickets at will call or add you +1 to our guest list.

Green Room Access

(Subject to venue rules & availability) Come hang out with us in the green room before and/or after the show.

Pre Show Access

(Subject to venue allowance) Get pre-show entry to the venue and hang out while we do our sound check. 

Merch Discounts

Get your favorite Sunflurry merch at cost.

More Rewards are on the Way!

How To Help
Team Rewards
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