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Pinefest 2021

The weather was perfect, the sound was great, and we were surrounded by good people. Steve Green built this stage just for our performance.

Custard Pie!

We were the warm up act for this incredible classic rock cover band from Cleveland. Suki and I are avid music lovers and appreciate the hard work involved in this band's repertoire. I'm super picky about Jimmy Page solos and Michael (left) nailed them all note-for-note. They had our eyes and ears glued to the stage to the very last note of their triple-encore performance.

The Passion Behind Pinefest

Steve Green (left ) and his wife Clara (not pictured here) have been hosting musicians at their homegrown festival for 35 years. These warm and wonderful people are great supporters of musicians, and welcomed our unique brand of original music with open arms.


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Photo cr. Joel Foose